Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mail Evolution: A 2013 Integrated Marketing Champ

Direct mail is evolving into a key channel for integrated marketing success today. In a recent "Chief Marketer" article, Grant Johnson of Johnson Direct, LLC, made that case with some impressive examples of how direct mail can turbocharge multichannel response. Consider a health insurance company's drive to capture more households: Adding direct mail moved the needle from the goal of 500 new families insured to 2,000 the first year and over 6,000 the next year! Johnson also highlighted a nonprofit that wanted to revamp its image and lure more female members: Yes, it used social media, e-mail, online and other digital tools to generate new female fans, but then it used a direct mail campaign to convert those fans into members. The result was a whopping 305% growth in women members over three years. Of course, good response isn't guaranteed. It requires skillful use of direct mail. For some basic tips for success, see Johnson's full article at http://chiefmarketer.com/direct-marketing/make-mail-part-your-2013-integrated-marketing-plan

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