Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marketing That Finds the Pain Will Find Sales, Too

A direct mail or print/digital ad message that finds and presses prospects' pain points can drive sales. It's certainly not a new idea, yet it is not as commonly seen in direct marketing as you'd expect. A recent blog post by Chris Lakin found that, in his quick review of ads and direct mail pieces, only one in 35 appealed to a pain point -- even though fear-based and pain-based marketing is a proven tactic; in fact, research shows people move away from pain faster than they move toward pleasure, he notes. To help you become the one in 35 who offers a cure for prospects' fears, headaches and expenses, and so wins more sales for your company, Chris provides a few useful tips and examples, including words to use in headlines and messaging. So feel the pain at your next brainstorming session with some help from his blog post at http://blog.mailprint.com/index.php/3405/how-to-use-the-pain-funnel-to-drive-greater-direct-mail-response-2/

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